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Hot Floors

So we are looking at redoing our floors downstairs. Currently we have some icky green carpet which came with the place. They were icky when we moved in, and having a two year old and two slobby adults around the place have not made it any better. So out with the old in with the new.

As an idea, we are looking at some rustic oak boards like pictured from

Linnea Oak

Linnea Oak - Kahrs

Additionally to top it off, we are thinking that laying underfloor heating will help our interior design by removing the big fat radiators which line our walls in the living room and dining room. We are currently looking at as a nice solution. You just lay an insulation layer at the bottom, pop down the thin electric heater roll, and then a moisture protecter and glue down the floorboads. Sounds simple enough right.

Heat Mat

Heat Mat

Well stay tuned because Greg and his Dad are going to lay this in April, assuming that we are able to source all the necessary materials by then.