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Snowboarding in Bulgaria

Francois's picture of the groupLast weekend I visited Bulgaria with my work mates and got to see a ski resort and country that I barely knew anything about outside of games of Diplomacy. Bulgaria is a former communist country bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea. We went to the resort of Pamporovo (Пампорово) near the Greek border, about 3-4 hours from Sofia where we flew in. My colleague Peter owns an apartment that has recently been built in the burgeoning resort.

As far as a countries go, I think Bulgaria has a long way to go. I could describe it as stepping into a time machine, but only partially, because you see loads of soviet style architecture, half finished houses and buildings. But there is also a mix of new developments, mansions, and some just plain odd looking stuff mixed in. Also the roads ranged from recently built to scary bumpy tracks that people overtake on in the middle while cars pass each side.

For skiing, the resort had a fair size, and on good days would have a nice assortment of runs, ranging from easy to nice fast black runs coming down the face of the mountain.

It was a fun trip of poker, snowboarding, pool and watching sport, and while I mightn’t go back soon, I would say it is an experience you will only understand if you go yourself.

Snowboarding at Lenggries

Greg at Lenggries

Greg at Lenggries

We all got a weekend in Munich as Greg had a work trip, and Lena and Andrea managed to get a good price for a flight along. 

We stayed with Dee and Martin, which was a good chance to catch up with them and other old friends, and also gave Greg a rare chance to go snowboarding on Saturday.  Greg and Martin took the BOB bahn down to Lenggries and caught the ski bus to the slope, and enjoyed a long day of sun and snow!

Other fun things included a big brunch at Cafe Neuhausen on Sunday, and time to help Dee and Martin think about their wedding.

It was fun to be back, Lena now can say the word Munich (and much more of course), and we all had a great time.