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Summer Holidays 2010

We have lived in the UK for 4 years but not had much holiday time locally. So we decided this year to take a Staycation! This meants we had plenty of time to check out the things to do near where we live, enjoy a few guests and more than anything relax!

Some of the highlights of our summer were

  • a visit from Baba
  • a ride on the London eye
  • Lena riding on Daddy’s head
  • Mitchell’s 1st  birthday
  • Fresh produce from the allotment
  • A fun trip to Littlehampton beach
  • Finding a massive spider in the house
  • Andrea’s friend Jane visiting
  • Eric, Anne and Darcy’s pizza party
  • A trip to Odds Farm
  • A visit to the Natural History Museum in Tring
  • Playing in the park!

Here are some pictures!

Nadine and Efren’s Wedding

So a wedding is always a lovely reason to take a trip, so when Nadine and Efren invited us to come down to Dusseldorf to celebrate, we couldn’t resist.
The trip took us through England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and we enjoyed a nice stay at a spa hotel and then off to the wedding. It was a good party and we enjoyed the coffee and cakes and then had a fun night watching the German team perform admirably in the football world cup against Argentina.

On the way home we managed to catch up with Mike and Sheetal in Eindhoven. We looked around the city, enjoyed a nice meal at a Grand Cafe, and then we made our way back to the channel tunnel and had fish and chips for dinner in Dover with the setting sun.

Dad’s Camp

Lena and Greg went to Dad’s Camp on Cookham Dean old cricket common. It was a fun weekend with about 40 dads and a hundred or so kids. We turned up, pitched our tent, and made sure the kids had a great afternoon with a big walk and treasure hunt.  Once we had fed the kids and put them to sleep, then there was a couple of hours for us Dads to have fun.

Thanks to Porteur, Mike and Darryl for organising a great event and getting everyone together.