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October SW Scotland Trip

We had a fun week up in Scotland  visiting castles, ice creameries, distilliaries, and gardens.

We missed the boat when it came to visiting Arran (and decided against a one day trip to Belfast from Stranraer).  However it was a fun getaway without having to leave this island we live on.

A late problem with the car meant though that Greg has a 600 mile round trip to pick it up once the jag gets its clutch fixed…  shame.

Nadine and Efren’s Wedding

So a wedding is always a lovely reason to take a trip, so when Nadine and Efren invited us to come down to Dusseldorf to celebrate, we couldn’t resist.
The trip took us through England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and we enjoyed a nice stay at a spa hotel and then off to the wedding. It was a good party and we enjoyed the coffee and cakes and then had a fun night watching the German team perform admirably in the football world cup against Argentina.

On the way home we managed to catch up with Mike and Sheetal in Eindhoven. We looked around the city, enjoyed a nice meal at a Grand Cafe, and then we made our way back to the channel tunnel and had fish and chips for dinner in Dover with the setting sun.