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Summer pics from my Blackberry

Sometimes I get about without a camera on me. Luckily the Blackberry is handy. I wouldn’t say that it takes good pictures, but it is always there for when something fun happens. Also, with Mitchell’s arrival, Lena still deserves some of the limelight…

Lena and Alody at the allotments

As part of my lazy updates to our family blog – Lena brought her little friend Alody up to the allotment (with a side trip to the park as well of course). Lena and Alody have lovely matching mauve jackets and every time they see each other it leads to a crazy squealing contest.

Anyway – I thought this picture was cute :-)


Alody, Andrea and Lena at the swings


Check out more about Alody here:  Our Family: a field trip to the allotments.

Lena’s Friend Alody

One of Lena’s best friends lives just a couple of houses down the road, and is half-South African, half-French and of course all English just like Lena (except Lena doesn’t have the paperwork to prove it).

They get up to all sorts of fun games together including playing scarecrows, and sleeping bunnies.

Playing Scarecrows

Lena and Alody playing Scarecrows

Alody’s mum and dad come round and drink coffee, tea and wine whilst the girls play.

Alody has her own family webpage with her little brother Timo and posted some of this first here: Lena’s friend Alody.