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Summer Holidays 2010

We have lived in the UK for 4 years but not had much holiday time locally. So we decided this year to take a Staycation! This meants we had plenty of time to check out the things to do near where we live, enjoy a few guests and more than anything relax!

Some of the highlights of our summer were

  • a visit from Baba
  • a ride on the London eye
  • Lena riding on Daddy’s head
  • Mitchell’s 1st  birthday
  • Fresh produce from the allotment
  • A fun trip to Littlehampton beach
  • Finding a massive spider in the house
  • Andrea’s friend Jane visiting
  • Eric, Anne and Darcy’s pizza party
  • A trip to Odds Farm
  • A visit to the Natural History Museum in Tring
  • Playing in the park!

Here are some pictures!

Attack of the C’lonials: Buried Treasure!

A recent trip to the allotment led to a find of buried treasure, believed to be of Russian Origin.

How does a russian coin 270 years old end up in our allotment?






Attack of the C’lonials: Buried Treasure!

Lena and Alody at the allotments

As part of my lazy updates to our family blog – Lena brought her little friend Alody up to the allotment (with a side trip to the park as well of course). Lena and Alody have lovely matching mauve jackets and every time they see each other it leads to a crazy squealing contest.

Anyway – I thought this picture was cute :-)


Alody, Andrea and Lena at the swings


Check out more about Alody here:  Our Family: a field trip to the allotments.