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Summertime in Munich!

This July we visited Munich – a chance to catch up with old friends, take the kids to see some fun place and do a best of bavaria trip!

Munich: Dee and Martin’s wedding


Lena and Andrea

Lena and Andrea

We had a lovely easter in the sun, to celebrate the wedding of Dee and Martin, in the Munich Ratskeller. A Ratskeller is not a place where rodents dwell, rather the cellar below the Rathaus or town hall.

The wedding started with a drinks reception in the courtyard of the Rathaus, and then we went downstairs for the ceremony and then dinner.

Dee and Martin's cake analogues

Dee and Martin in cake form

the happy couple

The happy couple

The service and facilities were top notch, and it was great to see Dee and Martin marry.

Lena celebrated in style by driving her SLK Mercedes (ride on edition) around the restaurant.

Highlights for us were the well organised wedding – meant we could just have fun!

The food was good, and of course it was great to see everyone there too.

Well done Dee and Martin – we wish you well!