Birth of Mitchell

We’d like to introduce you all to our new son, Mitchell Robert.  He was born in the afternoon of 6th August 2009, weighing in at a massive 4.5kg and 59cm tall already.

5 Responses to 'Birth of Mitchell'

  1. Matt & fleur says:

    Congratulations Greg and Andrea! Mitchell looks gorgeous – hope you are enjoying life as a family of four.

  2. Tonto says:

    Hi Guys, fab happy snap of the Holmes four. Looking good Andrea. Little Mitch, by the size of him, looks ready to go to school next week! X

  3. Katie Brueckner says:

    Hi Guys! Thanks for the photos! We were all dieing to get a glimpse of little Mitchell. You all look great. Andi, you are an amazing baby machine! ;-)One of each sex is perfect, and we’re all so happy for you.

  4. Alexander says:

    Hi to Just Mitchell and the rest of the Gang!
    Hope to see you soon in a hash or nearby!
    Great Pics of you all…..

    Alexander (My Pint of View, Brother of Joy Stick!)

  5. Jaquie says:

    Hey – that photo you sent by mail is so beautiful – congratulations! Wishing the four of you some of all of the love in the world 🙂 – Jaquie

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