Flooring work

Some light construction work has been going on at the holmesmacleod household. We’ve laid down the new floors (without worrying about the underfloor heating) and as you can see in this picture, Lena enjoyed putting in a helping hand.  Most of the work was Greg and his dad Brian. We had a friend (Lewis) drop by to give some handy hints and lend some tools at the start.


No daddy, do it like this!

No daddy, do it like this!

A lot of work took place fixing the subfloor until it was slightly flatter than before. Then we put down a layer of blue foamy underlay. 

Finally we topped it off with our Rustic Oak boards. They are nice broad and long boards which fill out the house nicely, in the living and dining areas. Right now we are putting the edging and final touches in.

Who knows what the next project will be, but this one was a nice piece of fun!




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  1. marc says:

    Gotta love Lena’s workman’s crack! Very cute!

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