It snowed!

Snow is always an event worthy of posting about when it happens here in England.

Lena and Mitchell busy making snowmen

Greg concentrating hard as he builds the snowman

Lena and Mitchell about to destroy C3PSnow. Or Schnee3PO as he's known in Germany.

Pictures of December

A few shots of everyone doing Christmas and birthday things.

October SW Scotland Trip

We had a fun week up in Scotland  visiting castles, ice creameries, distilliaries, and gardens.

We missed the boat when it came to visiting Arran (and decided against a one day trip to Belfast from Stranraer).  However it was a fun getaway without having to leave this island we live on.

A late problem with the car meant though that Greg has a 600 mile round trip to pick it up once the jag gets its clutch fixed…  shame.